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Club News

November 2016

It was great to have Nev & Bev McLachlan at the club during the month.  It was also great to have Nev do some calling. 

Congratulations to Essendon Square Dance club on their 41st birthday, a number of us attended and had a wonderful time.  We would also like to congratulate Janice, Des and Whitehorse on their birthday during the month.  A group of regulars went along to support several interstate functions including Pine City Twirlers birthday, Eastern 8s Riviera Roundup and Red Barons 42nd birthday.  By all reports, all the functions were great.

Our Spring Carnival Dance was a great night, although a number of regulars were travelling north, the atmosphere was terrific.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Supper was really scrumptious with chicken and champagne (albeit non alcoholic) and high tea sandwiches, along with other yummy delicacies.  In November we will be having our ice cream night.  This always proves to be a very popular night with us enjoying ice cream with lots of yummy toppings.

SCP has been terrific this month, the atmosphere and chatter has been buzzing.  We welcomed along a number of dancers this month who have come along to learn plus.  The new format seems to be going well, however, we are keen to get your feedback so please talk to Brenda or I if you have any feedback regarding the new format.  Only a few nights to go before we close for our Christmas break.  The year has just flown and it will be over before we know it.

Our A2 class is going really well and we should complete teaching the full A2 program by our Christmas break up.  We had a few dancers away during the month due to illness or other functions.  We hope to see them back on the floor soon

Brenda & I attended the Western Australian State Convention during the month and had a wonderful time.  It was great to catch up with our WA friends and even a couple NSW dancers and another Victorian.  

The Victorian Callers Association is holding a Christmas Dance on 2nd December and the night will feature members of the VCA.  The VCA is the only caller body in Victoria and its main objective is to provide education and development for its members to improve their calling skills and the general standard of calling. If you are available on the night, please come along and support the VCA so it can continue its good work.  The venue is SCP hall, pick up one of the flyers at any of the clubs.

September 2016

Crossroads has been going along well during August, but we are missing our travellers.  Some of our Convention travellers are back ondeck, but our overseas travellers are still sunning it up in Europe.  We had an email from Tony & Lyn saying they were having all having a great time.  By all reports the Eurpean Convention was agreat dance.  Our baked potato night wasa lot of fun with lots of potatoes and toppings.  We are looking forward to our Grand Final Fever on 28th September, make sure you dust off your footy jumper and shorts and get ready for a footy feast.

Michael & Barbara had a great time in Canada/Alaska and have now re-joined thelessons ~ cannot believe how well everyone is dancing. We have a few sickies atthe club this month and we wish them all a speedy recovery.  It was great to have our overseas and interstate travellers back on our last night of the month.  Also great to have our sickies back. 

SCP has been great during August, despite a number of regulars being away either sickor on holidays.  Some of our overseas travellers will be back during September and others are heading off to USA. We wish all our travellers a safe and great time and for our returning travellers we look forward to hearing about your o/s adventures.  Don’t forget our 26th birthday coming up in September.  Make sure to mark it in your calendar so that you can come along to help celebrate 26 years of SCP.  Our jackpot is climbing once again.

In October we will be changing our format at SCP to enable us to run a plus learners class to ensure the continued success of our club. From the first dance night in October we will be commencing at 7:00pmfor 1 hour of plus learning.  Then from 8:00pm to 9:00pm we will be dancing 50/50 full plus and learning plus, followed at 9:00pm to 10:00 solid plus.  We invite our regulars to come along any time from 7:00pm if they wish to help with new plus learners.  If you have any friends who might be interested in learning plus, please let them know that we will be starting on Friday 14th October.

SCA has been pumping during the month with lots happening.  During the month we did some C1 workshopping, cross over circulates from very different positions and started to teach A2.  Great to have Tony & Mary, Ken & Mary and Graeme & Rosemary back from their respective trips. 

Don’t forget Brenda’s afternoon tea in September. Join the National Convention at a dance toget you into mood for the National.  The dance will be on Friday 9th September, see the adverts on the table at club.

JULY 2016

It has been a quiet month from a club perspective due to the National Convention inBuderim.  All clubs have had to closeduring the month.

Thenumbers and atmosphere has been great at Crossroads and our new dancers arecoming along well and they will be joining us for the whole night in July.  We will be having workshops on new movementsto get them through to mainstream level as soon as possible.  Our “Winter Soup Night” was another fabulousnight and we welcomed visitors Russel, Ralph & Lyn.  There were 4 kinds of soup (French onion,chicken & sweet corn, pumpkin and minestrone) and lots of breads.  We also had a birthday cake to celebrate Lyn& Heather’s joint birthday. Congratulations to Lyn & Heather. Thanks to everyone for another fun night at Crossroads.  A few of us went across the ditch to the NewZealand 50th National Convention in Hamilton and had a great time. Don’tforget our 34th birthday on 13th July we look forward toseeing you there to help us celebrate.

SouthernCross Plus only had one night for the month and it was a great night with lotsof atmosphere.  A number of dancers hadreturned from overseas trips and they all reported they had a great time.  We will be bidding farewell to a number ofothers during July as they head off to the UK for holidays and a trip to theEuropean National Convention.  We areback dancing after the National on 8th July.

SouthernCross A has been going well during the month. Numbers have been great and the atmosphere has been fun andfriendly.  We were also treated to animpromptu soup night during the month, which everyone seemed to enjoy.  A number of our regulars will be heading tothe UK Convention in July and we wish them all a fun and safe trip. 

Due toincreased hall and associated costs we will be raising the cost of admittanceto $10 per person at all our clubs from 1st July 2016.


Our firstnight back in February was a great night as we welcomed everyone back for2016.  Laurina called the next 5 nightsat Crossroads.  We received greatfeedback on the nights; it is great to have such a good caller fill in when weare not able to be at the club. It was nice to have her & Lachlan along onour first night back after our holiday. Thanks Laurina.  The club has beenreally humming over the past few weeks. We were pleased to welcome Lawrence & Sandra and Colin during themonth.  It was also nice to see Vilmaback after a few weeks absence.

Afterreturning to Australia, Brenda & I had a couple of nights sleep beforepacking the car and heading to the State Convention in Wodonga.  Congratulations to the committee for a greatweekend, everyone seemed to have fun despite the extreme heat &humidity. 

It was adelight to see Tony as Guest of Honour for the Convention and we were overjoyedwhen Mary was presented with the VSDA Service Award.  Both Tony & Mary deserve the recognitionfor the work they do in square dancing, not only at the State level but alsofor the work they have done at club level over an extended period of time.  Well done and congratulations Mary &Tony.

SCPreturned on the first Friday in February and we had a great night.  It was the only night Brenda & I wereable to attend in February as we left for South America the next day. While wewere away Janice ably ran SCP and the dancers really enjoyed the nights withabout 5 squares in attendance each night. Due to the State Convention, Brenda & I were only back for one nightin March.  After 25 years of supportingthe club, it was great to see Janette T pull the ‘Ace’ and win the jackpot. Allthe cards now go back in the deck – who will be the next lucky winner?  

SCAreturned for one night in February, then was in recess for about a month but backin force in March.  It was lovely to haveso many dancers there to welcome Brenda & I back after our trip.  Fun & friendship was everywhere and thedancing was great too.  I would like toextend a big thank you to Peter & Denise and Mary & Tony for arranginga few nights of revision for the newer dancers. The extra practice worked well as everyone was more confident andrelaxed on our return.  SCA recentlycelebrated 18 years of dancing ~ a fun night with a chocoholic supper. A bigthank you to Peter who unveiled our first club banner after 18 years.  Peter did a great job in designing andcreating the banner.  Those who wereunable to attend the birthday sent along their best wishes.  It was nice to have Leighton & Sandraalong during the month.  A great turn outand atmosphere at the recent State Convention, congratulations to all involved.

Congratulations toRalph, Lyn and the Chemistry Set dancers for their RCH charity dance inMarch.  They raised over $3000 for theRCH, well done to everyone involved.